Oasis “Full Lotus” Large Lotus Meditation Pillow


Oasis Theme: A truly refreshing combination of fabrics in blue, lime and purple. This pillow will be the oasis of peace in your everyday life.

Padmani Lotus Pillows come in 3 sizes:

The “Full Lotus” Large Padmani Lotus Pillow is 23 inches across (tip to tip) and 9 inches high. The benefit of this larger design is the diversity of sitting positions including placing both feet on top of the pillow. This position will allow you to maintain proper posture during longer meditations and save your ankles which would typically be on the floor otherwise.

The organic buckwheat hulls used as pillow stuffing offer fewer pressure points due to the hulls not compacting once you are in position. Zipper opening allows for ease of personalizing the amount of stuffing. Matching carry handle is attached to all pillows for ease of transport.

Oasis Themed Padmani Lotus Pillows are ready to ship!



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: metal zipper, carry handle, embroidered patch, buckwheat hulls, cotton, cotton blend, linen, upholstery fabric
  • All pillows are unique and colors and patterns may vary slightly from photo shown.


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